Agriculture & Food Stuff

32Group’s agriculture and foodstuff division applies innovation and technology to help farmers around the world be more successful, produce healthier food products and make better animal feeds and fiber, while reducing agriculture's negative impact on our environment.


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Latest Projects


Recently 32Group Agriculture Legislative Roundtable has identified the need to develop a vision to grow and enhance 32Group's food and agriculture industry in Africa.

A planning team has been formed that represents various sectors of agribusiness and production agriculture within 32Group under the company 32Agrimine. Planning team members represent sectors ranging from agriculture equipment, agriculture finance, biosciences, food and agriculture processing, production agriculture, agriculture energy and specialty agriculture. image1The goal of this project is to identify and develop strategies that will enhance and grow the competitiveness of 32Group's food and fiber industries in Africa. In addition, 32Agrimine plans to develop new technologies in the agriculture industry, as well as produce organic food.

Contact us for more information about 32Agrimine or if you are looking for products and technologies developed in total accordance with today’s life styles and with regard to the healthiness of our planet.

Gourmet Food:

In addition to our activities in foodstuff trading, 32Group also distributes and sells its own Swiss Made chocolates throughout Europe and America under the brand name Swiss Spoon.

Swiss Spoon takes pride for its innovative gourmet products that simply turn the chocolate into an unforgettable experience not only for chocoholics but also for coffee fanatics and hot chocolate lovers. 


Private Label

Besides development of its own brands in the food industry, 32Group offers a variety of private label possibilities at highly competitive prices. We will be glad to share our experience with you on your next project.