Arts & Crafts

The preservation of our ancestor’s Arts and Crafts throughout the history has always been one of 32Group's priorities. A diversity of worldwide cultures is what we want to transmit to future generations.


Thus, 32Group’s aims are:

  • To preserve human culture by investing in art pieces. Some of our art pieces are currently exhibited at international museums as well as in 32Group’s private galleries.
  • To support the work of contemporary artists and craftspeople, be it the abstract or figurative art styles.
  • To organize international art exhibitions.

image5Acquisition of Swiss company - Gilbert Albert art jewelry- in 2010 was another step in 32Group’s mission for preservation of art in the world of jewelry. Today Gilbert Albert galleries and boutiques around the world are extraordinary places that every admirer of fine arts certainly should not miss.


If you are an artist, a gallery owner, a collector, or if you simply have a passion for art, 32Group has the answers to your inquiry.