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image3In SHTC – Swiss High Tech Cosmetics – we have developed and manufactured some of the best bio-cosmetic formulas. While our 32Lamarque brand focuses on the beauty world, Purelab provides a wide range of mild Dermo-cosmetics products. SHTC also accepts private labeling orders and provides consultancy to those who plan to create their own line of cosmetics and beauty care.

SHTC’s unique approach to Extremes Flowers:


Scientific studies prove that plants living in the most hostile environments have the highest and strongest active substances content. By extracting key molecules from each extreme flower, SHTC’s research creates the most potent and active substances ever created.

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Purelab Dermo-cosmetics:

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Dermo-cosmetic products combine the action of dermatological and cosmetic care and are designed to preserve the beauty of the most fragile skin. As such, these products belong to the category of “pharmaceutical advice” as these products are recommended by physicians, dermatologists and pharmacists. In line with current Dermo-cosmetic standards and expertise, SHTC laboratories have developed Purelab skincare products in three major lines: Sensitive Skin, Anti-Aging and Cleansing.



Inova Professionals:


Inova Professional Pure Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment, a revolutionary hair smoothing technology designed primarily to eliminate frizz and secondarily to straighten hair. The Pure Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment is formulated with keratin and collagen proteins, as well as mineral oil and cacao extract to rebuild and strengthen the hair where it has been damaged, as well as protect and smooth the hair.

                            straight hair        

Inspired by this treatment, Inova Professional also developed a line of Silk Keratin retail hair care products to be used in conjunction with the treatment, or on their own. All of the Inova Professional products are developed with the Inova Professional signature keratin complex and other essential ingredients.

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