Chemicals & Petrochemicals

32Group is an active trader in chemical and petrochemical products. Our product lines range from inorganic pigments, resins, plasticizers, petrochemicals, and food grade chemicals to miscellaneous inorganic compounds.


Serving Industry

We serve the paint and coatings, automotive, plastic, chemical, food and rubber industries.

It is our aim to contribute to industrial development. However, 32Group is concerned about the ecological consequences of the use of certain products. Therefore, whenever possible, 32Group strives for environmentally friendly solutions.

Global Sourcing and Supply

32Group has established strong and solid relationships with its suppliers. We offer not only professional management, but also a thorough, sincere and decent work ethic. 32Group represents and markets the products of large international manufacturers on a global scale.

We have special marketing tie-ups and arrangements with quality manufacturers of different materials. Because of this 32Group can offer the best prices, guaranteed specifications and timely delivery schedules at all times.

32Group manufactures and delivers various petrochemical products that we all use every day in our homes, our cars or at work.
Our products serve a vast number of consumer and industrial markets, including packaging, construction and automotive.